Multilingual videos and motion graphics

The competition to reach people‘s attention is constantly increasing. Reaching people‘s attention is the first, fundamentally important task. If people don‘t see your content, then you don‘t exist.

Do you need to contact and inform people who speak a variety of languages? Gripandi creates videos (and image content) with versions in a choice of languages; Icelandic, English and other. It utilizes AI machine reading and a proprietary, flexible and cost-effective „standardized framework“ working process. Videos on Youtube in a native language can have a very significant benefits in search engines.

Examples of videos

Motion graphics

Simple, quick and cost effective videos using motion graphics. 96% of Fortune 500 companies in USA use the solution that Gripandi has agency rights to offer. Based on ready templates and design items.

See here (Icelandic text)

Imaginary Hotel Promo

Short videos were made for an imaginary hotel, “The Best Hotel”, in nine languages: Icelandic, English, German, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese and Japanese.

See here (Icelandic text)

Iceland Information

An example for Iceland information videos, in nine languages: Icelandic, English, French, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Filipino and Thai. The avatars and speech were computer generated.

See here (Icelandic text)

Food promo

See here an older example of a series of videos promoting an imaginary seafood business, from 2009. This was the start of multi-language versions. A newer version is pending.

See here (Icelandic text)

Adapted videos

Several videos about waste electric equipment recycling, originally in Greek, were taken and Icelandic and English speech recorded. The soundtrack and some text were replaced.

See here (Icelandic text)


Grípandi started in 2009, so it is 12 years of experience.

Examples of previous works (Icelandic)



76% of people prefer to buy online using their own language.

4 x more consumers would rather watch a product video then read a product description.

Online shoppers who watch product videos are almost 2 x more likely to buy.

Only a quarter of Internet users are native-English speakers,  three out of four speak other languages.

How do search engines find videos?

If you need to reach people who speak various languages, then search marketing with video is a smart move.

It is often more likely that people will find your video in their native language, if there is less competition compared to the English speaking space.

Youtube is the second largest search engine on the web, after Google.

Google owns Youtube, and often favors videos on Youtube on its search results pages.

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